(Rainbow Disco Club | Timothy Really | mule musiq)

東京屈指の酸過多地帯に生を受け、サイケデリックカルチャー影響下、レーベル/DJ集団Timothy Reallyを設立。
ゼロ年代初頭/第一次ミニマル隆盛期/西麻布Space Lab Yellowにて一世を風靡したReal Groovesのレジデントを担い、その後DJ Pige、Ryo Murakamiとのヴァイナルレーベル〈Pan Records〉のA&Rや、今はなきユースカルチャー秘密の源泉渋谷SECOBARのブッキング等、無節操な音楽遍歴を経て、人類史25万年古から続くダンスへの衝動とダンスミュージックの血脈への興味を斜めから深める。ディスコ/イタロ/ワールドミュージックから抽出された何かを4/4キックとハウスブレンド、未だ見ぬ未知なるコズミックスタイルに恋焦がれつつ、日本発未来経由の世界基準Rainbow Disco Clubのレジデントととして日々精進中。


He was born into and grew up in the area with heavy influence of psychedelic culture where he ended up establishing DJ collectives/record label called ”Timothy Really”. In beginning of year 2000s, there was an emerging first wave of minimal music. In the movement, there was a legendary party called ”Real Grooves”, and he was performing as a resident DJ.

After all, he was actively involved in many areas of music culture in his career; a collaborative work with DJ Pige and Ryo Murakami to establish Pan Records A&R and a booking manager at SECOBAR where created underground youth culture of Shibuya.

As he was moving through his music career, the depth of his soul and his impulsive attraction to dance music led him to the unique mixed music of disco, world music and house. He has been drawn to unknown unique style of music, and his deep longing is to create Japanese original innovative dance music as he plays an important role of a resident DJ at Rainbow Disco Club, which creates the world-wide innovative dance movement.