Fraser Cooke

(Nike | Mild Bunch)

Fraser Cooke hails from London. Spending the formative years of his early youth in the 70’s immersed in comic book culture, music and skateboarding, these early interests would heavily inform the journey he would then embark upon to become first a fan, then an active participant and key player in participating in the burgeoning “street culture” scene, that came to fruition in the 80’s and early 90’s in the city, which would go on to have Global influence.

Initially training as a hair stylist with Vidal Sassoon, and then the cult Soho salon Cuts, he would also contribute articles to the style bibles of the time, The Face, Arena Homme Plus and ID magazine.

Through his love of music, Fraser developed an active DJ career spinning at some of the capitals cutting edge clubs going on to DJ across the country and beyond internationally, creating sound tracks for catwalk shows, playing at high profile select fashion parties and as one of the original staff of highly influential alternative eclectic record labels, Mo’wax recordings.

Fraser continues to travel extensively throughout the key Global cities keeping a close eye on the emerging movements and identifying the key protagonists, in order to inform the next culturally creative project for Nike. He is currently the Global Catalyst marketing special projects Director, still DJ’ing regularly in Tokyo and beyond as a member of the offbeat collective The Mild Bunch and writes on occasion for magazines as a contributor on street culturally related topics.