2015年のSawagi Festivalでデビューし、海外ブランドのレセプションパーティや都内各所のクラブやバー等、様々な場所で活動範囲を広げる。

Since her DJ debut at Sawagi Festival in 2015, TIDI has played at various venues in Tokyo, such as Contact Tokyo, Womb, Sankeys Penthouse, and also at parties held by fashion brands, such as Uno de 50 and Lululemon. TIDI spent her youth in Houston, and there, she was inspired by the local black culture and music. Admiring all the music she encountered when traveling the world, TIDI channeled this admiration to spin out her own original and sophisticated atmosphere on the floor. Her style on the turntable is sometimes boundlessly free and at other times coolly stoic and always definitely worth seeing.