(Nation | Light Sounds Dark | Rush Hour | L.I.E.S.)

If you ever witnessed a performance by Traxx, you will realize he is far more than just your average DJ or producer. Genre-bending and constantly in a state of trance, Traxx is a unique species in our contemporary world of electronic music. All comes forth out of a endless love for music that catches his ear and instantly sets all motion in his body in progress. Seeing him play a dek-segment for the first time will probably knock you out of your shoes as his intense, expressive way of experiencing the music when he plays is unparalleled. Not only are his performances not to be missed, his contribution to the Jakbeat movement via his Nation imprint amongst other affiliated labels and his own productions and collaborations are on a similar level.
Traxx is a lover of music — one with a passion so intense that it overcomes genre divides to weave an altogether original, exciting, and multi-textured musical fabric which envelops both the avid clubber and the home listener, as well as everyone in between.
He morphs musical compositions into distinctive, highly emotional interpretations and reshapes music into a progressive, forward-thinking movement him and his peer-group coined Jakbeat, which defies classification and invites analysis and discussion. Jakbeat as it has come to be known is not just a hash back to a golden age of house, it’s not just a mess of drum beats and synths and it’s not just something that is created at random.
“Jakbeat” is a state of mind and different level of musical consciousness.
It can encompass everything of rhythmical, melodic or vocal origin, taking all influences, moods, attitudes and sonical blueprints of the open-minded artist into consideration.
In 2007 Traxx founded Nation as a platform to release music that he feels can transport the Jakbeat-credo through sound, and give the artists involved in the process a chance to be heard on a larger plateau. Through this syndicate, artists like D’Marc Cantu, JTC aka James T. Cotton, Charles Manier, Beau Wanzer, Mick Wills and many more have spread their unique musical interpretation into the cosmos.
Releasing on numerous labels such as Rush Hour, June, DFA, L.I.E.S., Rat Life and Light Sounds Dark, under different monikers such as Villan X, Mutant Beat Dance, X2, Gavom or MoMo helped Traxx shape his unique definition of Jakbeat that is ever evolving and changing to push the movement to places where everything is possible.