J. Albert

(Black Opal | Exotic Dance Records)

アメリカ、フロリダ州南部で生まれ育ち、現在クィーンズ (N.Y.)を拠点とするJ. Albert (Jiovanni Nadal)。2015年にPerson Of Interestと共に〈Exotic Dance Records〉を創設し、その名は急上昇した。自身のレーベルからだけではなく、〈Lovers Rock〉、〈Cult Trip〉、〈Black Opal〉などから数々とEPをリリースしている。丁寧にサンプルを探し出すThumpとResident Advisorからサポートを得た。

J. Albert, aka Jiovanni Nadal, is a fast rising producer and DJ who hails from South Florida and currently based in Queens in the United States. He co-founded Exotic Dance records with Person Of Interest and though he only first emerged in 2015 he has already made a big impression on those in the know. As well as releasing on his own label, he has been tapped up by Lovers Rock, Cult Trip and Black Opal, amongst others, for a fine and busy run of EPs that show he has real breadth and depth in the studio. Thump and Resident Advisor have already supported his sounds, which come from the grubbier end of the spectrum and make great use of carefully dug out samples.