(L.I.E.S Records | Trilogy Tapes)

表に情報が現れない謎の存在、NGLY。楽曲を通して物事を伝える彼はコアなフォロアー達を得ている。ディープなアナログサウンドでテクノ シーンに名を広げ、2014年にセルフタイトル アルバムを〈L.I.E.S.〉からリリースした。その後、〈Russian Torrent Versions〉からもリリースし、最近では一番力を入れたEP「Psychosis」を再びL.I.E.S.にてリリースを果たした。ソロの他ではFlorian KupferとSwere名義、PatriciaとTaxes名義でコラボレーションをしている。


NGLY is a distinctly elusive character. The lack of information available boils down to a few random snippets of unrevealing text. Such as his Facebook bio – ‘eat your soul’ and the equivalent on RA – ‘paradigm’ or the name he signs his production ” Sidney Reilly “. He seems to speak through his music, which so far has gained him a devoted core following.

Although his discography is small at only three solo releases, his ability to produce deep, gritty analogue techno has affirmed his identity in the scene.

First stepping into the limelight with his self-titled debut for L.I.E.S. in 2014, and on Russian Torrent Versions.

Most recently he returned back to LIES for his toughest work to date, Psychosis EP

NGLY has also collaborated with Florian Kupfer as “ Swere “and Patricia as “Taxes”.