【DJ HARVEY公演についてのお知らせ】

DJ HARVEYの来日公演につきましては、振替日程の調整を行なってまいりましたが、残念ながらContactが閉店するまでの期間中にてお互いのスケジュールが合う日程がございませんでした。
■ e+にてご購入のお客様 http://eplus.jp/refund1/
■ Zaikoにてご購入のお客様
ご不明点などございましたらこちらまで: https://zaiko.io/support/

[Notice of DJ HARVEY’s performance]


In regards to DJ HARVEY’s performance in Japan, we regret to inform you all that we were unable to reschedule a date before the closing of Contact.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the new date, and we ask you all for your understanding in this matter.

For those who have purchased tickets, please check and confirm with the ticket agency you purchased from for a refund.


[Refund period]



[Refund methods]

For those that have purchased tickets under the guidelines, we will be entitled for a full refund.

※Please note that refunds only apply within the period mentioned above.

※Please note that if you lose your ticket, we will not be able to refund you at all.

※Tickets with stubs removed are not eligible for a refund.


■For customers that have purchased via e+, please see the link below:


■For customers that have purchased via Zaiko, you will receive instructions to the email address that you have registered upon purchasing. Please follow the instructions to receive your refund. For those who have yet to set their mobile phones to receive from the domain「@zaiko.io」, please do so in order to receive instructions via email.

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